Dzogchen Teaching

Dzogchen means Total Perfection and simply refers to our condition of primordial potentiality as it really is. “Dzogchen Teaching” is the way we enter into knowledge of Dzogchen in order to discover our real condition. Dzogchen Teaching is a combination of knowledge and methods that allow a natural evolution of the individual, fostering an open mind and positive outlook. The practice makes it easier to spontaneously be respectful towards others, genorous and happy.

Knowledge of Dzogchen goes back to ancient times, but in our era it was transmitted for the first time by Garab Dorje a few centuries after the passing of Buddha Shakyamuni. The Dzogchen Teaching has been transmitted for centuries and centuries: masters have used this method and have taught it to their disciples, without breaking its continuity, in an uninterrupted lineage up to the present day.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has been teaching Dzogchen for over thirty years. He started teaching Yantra Yoga in the 1970′s, and has since then transmitted teachings from the three series of Dzogchen Teachings and the Longsal cycle, which also contains the Vajra Dance.