The starting point of the practice of Dzogchen is the direct introduction received from a qualified teacher. A qualified teacher (‘guru’ in Sanskrit) has the knowledge of the real condition of the individual, and the capacity to transmit this knowledge. Once a student has gained this knowledge, his or her most important practice is to time and time again to return to this knowledge. As the the knowledge was transmitted by the teacher, this practice is called ‘guru yoga’, where ‘yoga’ refers to having knowledge. ‘Yoga’, a Sanskrit word often translated as ‘union’, is rendered ‘naljor’ in Tibetan, where ‘nal’ means natural condition and ‘jor’ having knowledge. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu gives the transmission of guru yoga during all of his teaching retreats, usually in the first days of the retreat. There are several ways a Dzogchen teacher can give the direct introduction. During most of his retreats, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu uses a formal practice that is performed together by teacher and the students. It is possible to participate in the practice and receive the transmission even when not physically present with the teacher: most of the teaching retreats can be seen live in webcast. A transmission received via live webcast is fully valid, but it is still recommended that the student, according to his/her possibilities, also meets the teacher in person. In addition to the teaching retreats, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu also gives transmission of guru yoga three times per year, during the following special days:

There are three slightly different practices used in these so called “World Wide Transmissions”. If you wish to receive the transmission, it is indispensable to first familiarize yourself with the practice text, visualizations etc. Members of the Dzogchen Community will be happy to help in this. We can arrange a meeting where someone explains the practice, or it is possible to talk through it over the phone. If you are interested, write to info @ dzogchen . fi.